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Ceramic bands are capable of maximum temperatures of 1400° F.

REF #: PHI-102 Larger Image

REF #: PHI-102


Shell overlap allows probes to pass through the heater in the gap.

REF #: PHI-103 Larger Image

REF #: PHI-103


A large portion of their energy transfer is via radiation.

REF #: PHI-104 Larger Image

REF #: PHI-104


Latch and trunion on a ceramic band for quick closure.

REF #: PHI-105 Larger Image

REF #: PHI-105


Lead orientation, lead length, and lead protective coverings offer multiple options.

REF #: PHI-106 Larger Image

REF #: PHI-106


Flange lockup allows the user to move the closure bolts to suit his purposes.

REF #: PHI-107 Larger Image

REF #: PHI-107


Terminal boxes cover bare post terminals for electrical safety.

REF #: PHI-108 Larger Image

REF #: PHI-108


Heaters can be made with quick power disconnect capabilities.

REF #: PHI-109 Larger Image

REF #: PHI-109


Heaters can be made to promote cooling of the heater when required.

REF #: PHI-1010 Larger Image

REF #: PHI-1010


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