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Maxibands can be made entirely water proof

REF #: PHI-1023 Larger Image

REF #: PHI-1023


Maxibands are tubular elements pressed into aluminum shoes offering strength and temperature uniformity

REF #: PHI-1024 Larger Image

REF #: PHI-1024


Terminal boxes cover bare post terminals for electrical safety

REF #: PHI-1025 Larger Image

REF #: PHI-1025


Heaters can be made with quick power disconnect capabilities

REF #: PHI-1026 Larger Image

REF #: PHI-1026


Lead orientation, lead length, and lead protective coverings offer multiple options

REF #: PHI-1027 Larger Image

REF #: PHI-1027


The rigidity of the construction lends itself to inside out bands allowing the heater to go inside a roller or pipe

REF #: PHI-1028 Larger Image

REF #: PHI-1028


Maxibands can provide a liquid cooling function as well as their normal heating purpose

REF #: PHI-1029 Larger Image

REF #: PHI-1029


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