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Mica bands are capable of 900° F. and 600 VAC.

REF #: PHI-1011 Larger Image

REF #: PHI-1011


Holes are notches are easily incorporated into mica band designs

REF #: PHI-1012 Larger Image

REF #: PHI-1012


Mica bands offer a very versatile construction allowing odd shapes to suit unusual applications

REF #: PHI-1013 Larger Image

REF #: PHI-1013


Fittings are easily incorporated into mica band designs

REF #: PHI-1014 Larger Image

REF #: PHI-1014


Lead orientation, lead length, and lead protective coverings offer multiple options

REF #: PHI-1015 Larger Image

REF #: PHI-1015


Mica band heaters offer a number of different closure options included latch & trunion (shown)

REF #: PHI-1016 Larger Image

REF #: PHI-1016


For bands that cannot be slipped on, hinges, two piece construction and flexible/expandable designs can be used

REF #: PHI-1017 Larger Image

REF #: PHI-1017


Circular heaters not intended as bands can be made

REF #: PHI-1018 Larger Image

REF #: PHI-1018


Heaters can be made with quick power disconnect capabilities

REF #: PHI-1019 Larger Image

REF #: PHI-1019


The versatility of the construction even allows bands to be made inside out allowing the heater to go inside a roller or pipe

REF #: PHI-1020 Larger Image

REF #: PHI-1020


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