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Process Heaters has allied itself with manufacturers who are industry leaders in their respective fields. We are proud to offer first class equipment.

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Heaters come in a wide spectrum of shapes and sizes for various purposes. We have heaters that slide into drilled holes or milled grooves. Heaters can be immersed in aggressive acids; some are for high viscosity liquids; others can operate in radioactive environments. Heaters can be made to run on 12 volts DC right through to 600 volts 3 phase AC.

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Pressure Tranducers

A common application for pressure transducers is for measuring the melt pressure in a plastic extruder. They may also be used for many other commercial and industrial applications. Pressure Transducers can read extremely low pressures right up to very high pressures in the tens of thousands of PSI. There are transducers for explosive environments, for wet environments and for hot environments. They can measure gauge, sealed, absolute and vacuum pressure.

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Instruments can be used for display, for control, for safety, and for analysis. They can be digital or analog based. For control purposes, instruments can use a simple on/off scheme right through to PID, cascade and ratio, etc. They are the “decision making” portion of the control loop.

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Power Controls

The electrical flow running to a heater must be controlled to achieve the desired results. This can be accomplished using a variety of devices, from simple mechanical contactors to digitally controlled phase angled SCR's. The power controls can handle up to 1,000 amperes to a maximum of 600 volts.

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Temperature Sensors

Sensing temperature can be achieved using a variety of technologies. Infrared is useful where contact with the heated surface is not possible. Where contact is acceptable, the spectrum of thermocouple types and configurations come into use. For higher accuracy, RTDs are the sensor of choice.

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Electrical Control Panels

Need washdown capability? Are you putting a control panel into a hazardous environment? Whatever the requirement, we can provide a panel to control and monitor your heaters or your entire process. From the simplest of control schemes to the most sophisticated PLC based system, we have your solution at hand.

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Polymer Test Equipment

Melt flow rate, viscosity, shear rate, shear stress, etc. are characteristics of the polymer that are essential to producing top quality parts. Reducing scrap and wasted time, melt flow indexers and rheometers can pay for themselves many times over.

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Box furnace, solid tube furnace, split tube furnace, rotary hearth furnace, car bottom furnace, rotary calcining furnace; there is a huge range of furnace configurations. Even transparent furnaces are available. Temperatures can go as high as 1700 deg C. If a customer wishes to make his own furnace, we can supply free-standing high temperature elements

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Wire is available in a range of gauges and temperature ratings.

Wire connectors are all rated for high temperature: crimp fittings, ceramic terminal blocks and ceramic twist lock fittings.

Sleeving (wire covering) is offered for abrasion protection, mechanical strength and multiple wire handling.

Tape is offered in various widths and lengths and is available in Teflon and Fibreglass. Other materials are available upon request.

Insulations for electrical isolation; thermal insulations for heat retention purposes; both are available to suit process requirements.

Thermostats can be used for surface temperature measurement or they can be inserted into drilled holes. Bimetallic thermostats are available with fixed setpoints as well as field adjustable units. Bulb and capillary thermostats can typically handle higher voltages and current flows. Where power is very high the thermostat can be used for pilot duty. Bulb and capillary units can handle single phase as well as three phase powered loads and offer a wide selection of temperature ranges.

We also offer other accessories. Call us at 416-747-8250.

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Don't be surprised by the savings to be had.

Keep in mind; these products have never been used. The products listed in this section are items that are primarily surplus stock, production overruns and bargains that we have come across. Process Heaters would like to offer these savings on to you. We have included a picture, specification information, quantity available and the price for each item. Once you find the product for you, just call us and we will make the necessary arrangements. This section will be updated from time to time so periodically visit our website to see new deals.

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