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Toll Free: 1-877-747-8250

Toll Free: 1-877-747-8250

Our Services

We are specialists in industrial process heating and control. From the replacement of failed heaters to the design and construction of complete heating systems, our trained personnel are always on hand to help.

We listen first, and then provide your team with the expertise to which our customers have grown accustomed. What sets us apart is our common sense approach and years of application experience.

Process Heaters

Our Customers look to us to improve their system and to increase it's accuracy.

What is it that you require? Need to achieve 1700 degrees C? Working with an aggressive acid? Operating in a potentially explosive environment? We can help. We offer every conceivable kind of electric heater.

If your line is down - Call us - We carry an extensive inventory for just such emergencies.

A partial list of our offering includes; band heaters, cartridge heaters, strip heaters, immersion heaters, radiant heaters, cast-in and high temperature heaters. Please click on our products section. Or better still call us - Our professionals will assist you in optimizing your system.

We also offer complete furnaces, single-loop process controls, multi-zone & hot runner controls, thermocouples, RTD's, pressure-transducers, temperature and limit controls, and polymer test-equipment.

Our team has provided services/design in a wide variety of projects:

  • Converted a gas fired rotary calcining furnace to electric power and added a post heat cooling stage
  • Designed and supplied fast-on cast aluminum heaters for reactor heating
  • Immersion heater for laboratory work to maintain experimental temperature within 1 Fahrenheit degree
  • Drip tray heaters for assuring proper drainage in arctic-site applications
  • We designed a curved cartridge heater to improve a sealing application
  • Turnkey conversion of a water cooled extruder to air cooling.

We are Always up to the Challenge

Technical experts are at your disposal. Our qualified team will listen and guide you in the selection of the most appropriate products to suit your application.

Our Reputation Is Important To Us

Our focus has always been to build customer satisfaction through expert technical support and delivery of quality products. We have earned the trust of our customers and continue to build long lasting relationships.

Contact us with your requirements; we look forward to working with you!

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